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Gen Z workers

Contrary to popular opinion, a majority of Gen Z says they like of love their jobs, according to a survey by It found that 27% of Gen Zers love their job, and 37% like their jobs. That totals 64% who are OK with their jobs.

Only 24% are neutral about their employment, and only 9% indicated disliking their job. Just 3% reported hating it.

“People early in their careers tend to be given this narrative of hating their jobs because they usually switch jobs more frequently,” résumé and career strategist Julia Toothacre said in a press release. “What many people fail to realize is that when you’re in your 20s, you’re figuring yourself out and trying different career options to see what you like most.”

The study noted variations in job satisfaction across industries. Seventy-two percent of Gen Zers in business or STEM industries reported liking or loving their jobs compared to 50% in customer service, retail and service industries.

The survey also found that income correlates with job satisfaction.

Fifty-seven percent of Gen Zers earning less than $40,000 liked or loved their job, rising to 80% for those earning $100,000 and above.

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys comfort and time. These results reinforce that if you pay people a living wage that supports not only their basic needs but allows them to live their lives, they are likely going to be happier all around,” Toothacre said.

Among those who dislike or hate their jobs, 45% attribute it to poor work-life balance, 34% dislike their hours and 36% lack passion.

Other reasons cited include disliking customers, job expectations, working in-person and meetings.

The online survey includes responses from 518 Gen Zers and took place on March 27. defines Gen Zers as individuals aged 18 to 27.

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